Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A simple card

For a long time I have been wanting to make a simple greeting card, with just a few elements on the front. While conceptualising this card, I came across the CAS challenge for this month - usage of 3 colours in the card. Ok, it fits my idea. I just need to use the 3 colours to fit my theme. I wanted to put a flower and some colour/lines on the card and lo, this theme suited my idea.

My card is here.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Promoting Linda's Crafty Piece of Heaven Blog Candy

I am very greedy for some blog candy and doing all I can to lay my hands on some lovely stamps and gifts, being a beginner crafter I have spent quite some amount in collecting some raw materials but as I go further up I need to have more yummy stuff to churn out awesome creations, I am in the process of investing in some stamps but it will be good if I can win some aint it?? So here is Linda's giveaway.

Good Luck to me!!
This is Linda's blog post about the giveaway - Linda's Crafty Piece of Heaven

Promoting Pinky Lisa's Inky Crafts Blog Candy

Yet another blog candy and I want I want... So here I am promoting her candy...and this is her blog site Pinky Lisa's Inky Crafts
thanks Linda for giving away this blog candy...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lulupu's Challenge # 15: Weather or Not - My take on winter!!

I have always loved to make christmas greetings since schooldays, I used to make some simple ones like drawing a christmas tree with some gifts or the holly or santa and give away to my christian friends and teachers. Whether or not they liked it, I loved doing it for them and the reason for me to do this was my mother who thought it was a nice thought to give a teacher or friends some wishes for the season. Now back to present... when I was browsing many other sites, I came across the Lulupu site and simply loved their creations and their store of course. The challenge for the month of august had just been announced and it was to bring out a scene depicting the weather on it. I had immediately decided to go for the winter theme since santa and christmas trees were on my mind for a long time.

Taking some inspiration from a few pictures on the internet ,I decided to do a window scene from the living room with the tree and presents lying around it, a christmas stocking , the snowman and a family. I have no prior training in art or quilling or crafting for that matter, so I kept looking around the internet for ideas to represent this scene. Upon returning to the Lulupu website for this challenge I noticed that there were some updates and there was a DT member who had depicted the spring season using the window scene idea. So I took some notes from that post and carried on with my interpretation for the winter season.

I forgot to mention, I took inspiration for the family from Lulu's quilling lab. She is simply amazing, you can check her blog for more beautiful quilled creations.

So here is my entry to the Lulupu challenge # 15 for August. Hope Winter is written all over hehe!!

The prizes to be won are droolicious and hope they like my entry!! By the way, this is my first entry to any challenge.. so I will treasure this!!

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Hope it fits!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Raksha Bandhan time!

Yo, it is that Bhai-Behen time of the year again... yes it is rakhi time or rakshabandhan time. I always used to tie one tiny little rakhi on my little brother's wrist every year for myself and for our many sisters who used to send them by post. Although he would not give me any gifts or pocket money as is the ritual in the Northern part of India, I still loved to tie it every year for my bro. Ever since I got married and moved to Malaysia I havent been able to tie one personally but I would always send one by post for him. This year, he has flown to the West for his further studies and I cannot send one to him on time because he just moved into an apartment and it would take sometime for my post to reach him. So I decided to make him a quilled Rakhi card which I can send to his address a little later after he settles right? I had actually started off making a quilled rakhi for him but then converted it into a card. It is still in the making, I have pasted most of the elements on the card just the final touches and wordings remain to be added. Here is a glimpse of the card for you all to see. Hope he likes it.

Update on 20 august 2013 - I have completed the rakhi card, here are the images. Hope it looks good.

My second completed project yay

Yes, being part of different groups on Facebook has its own advantages. The scrapbooking and card making group of Malaysia had organised an event called Card Swap. Now, me being a beginner in all this craft had absoltely no idea as to what this meant. Upon contacting the organiser Craftmate Art made me understand that this event was purely for the love of crafting - each participant would be allocated a swap partner with whom they had to exchange cards - to put in simple words. The theme was left open for the participants to decide - it could be a Happy Birthday or Goodbye or Get Well Soon, but it had to be done on an easel card. I have no idea at all as to what this card is but with the help of a tutorial by Split Coasters Stamping, I have been able to make a small one. br>My partner is a great crafter from Malaysia and I have to send her the card I made for her before 25 August. I have already made it but havent been able to post it due to bad weather here in KL. Hopefully I do it by tomorrow so that I do not miss the deadline and my partner receives my first easel card - I have made this with love and it does not have any fancy stuff just some quilling and some flower punches. I decided to say a big HI to my partner because this was also about making friends through craft.

Now that I have done my card and waiting to send it out, I am also eagerly waiting to receive one from my partner Jackie.

The second photo of the card with the browned flower petals is the final product. Hope you all like it, especially you Jackie.
Here is the envelope that I made as well...

so that was what I did over the last week, next post will be a rakhi card for my little bro who has flown to the West for further studies. I hope he will like it.

a small update - I have posted the card to my partner and waiting for mine hehe... hope it reaches her safely.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Joining in for Jovita's celebration candy

Thank you so much Jovita for stopping by my blog and asking me to join the celebration time. Two lovely candies to be won and all we need to do was to follow her blog, add the candy to the sidebar and like "Pepperfry"on FB. So will I get it?? Hope to, here is the link to her blog.


Best wishes to you and your blog, may you reach many more milestones.

Friday, August 9, 2013

My first ever completed project

Hehe, yeah, I procrastinate a lot and each and every thing I start doing ends up hanging somewhere in the middle, unfinished. Recently I got back to embroidering my pillow covers, I completed one but the second one is half complete... shame on me. This quilling project took me around 1 full day to complete and had a deadline and that is why perhaps I finished it. Ok, here is the picture of the finished product - mind it, I am still a beginner, I have added elements that I have learnt from many of the blogs found in google searches. There are mistakes, there is scope for improvement but if anyone passes by my blog, please do leave a comment that will encourage me to do more...

the first one is the card view, yes it is a birthday card and I just added a few of the birthday elements - candle, balloons and I really wanted to put in my flower somewhere because I really loved the way it turned out after so many attempts hehe. The second one is the inside of the card, just put some flower punched out of the flower puncher I bought recently.

so what do you think? please do leave your comments, thank you :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some shopping and some quilling

Yeah, I did do some shopping at the Art Friend shop in Gardens, Midvalley, just out of curiosity, after having read in many blogs that it had loads of crafting stuff.. Yes it really did have loads, I was looking for some quilling paper and the salesperson told me that he did not have! Oh I was mighty disappointed when he said that, I really needed some quilling paper now.. what do I do! I did buy some from India but I was not satisfied with the quality, the paper seemed too thin and the rolls and coils got crumpled easily, I always wondered how all those quillers got such thick and sturdy quills while mine were so flimsy! Maybe the shopkeeper back in India cheated me!
Anyway, back to shopping at the art friend, I kept on looking each and every nook and corner, picking up some stuff here and there for a project I had in mind but did not find any quilling paper until.... I saw some strips hanging on one corner..I was so thrilled but my happiness did not last long since they had only 2 or 3 packs of multicolour quilling strips and a couple others of solid colours. So I just picked up a couple of the multicolour strips and one beige solid colour pack all 3mm. By the way, I only found 5mm and 10mm strips back in India at my local craft store but may have got the 3mm ones if I had tried elsewhere. These strips I found were a bit costly for me, I had seen Lin and other crafters sell at less than RM5 per pack but the one I got was priced at RM12.90, that is a huge difference isn't it? Anyway, I continued shopping picked up the circle sizer, a good craft knife, a craft punch, some ribbons, paper and some other sundry craft stuff. After I got back, I was too tired and spent the rest of the day looking at my loot hehehe... so silly! I made this flower today, and I simply loved it, I think it is better than my previous flower eh? what do you all think?

next post will be after I complete my project in mind, will do so this week or early next week. Till then see ya!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Promoting Lin's giveaway for the month of August

When I saw the giveaway items that lin had put on her blog on Pinterest, I was overjoyed to see so many quilling supplies among many other things that Lin is giving away.. I had actually chanced upon her blog when looking for videos on youtube for tutorials last month, I must say she is a very talented girl, I really wish, someday I also can quill like her ;) Now for the real intention of this post, I really wish I can get the giveaway this month... oh please Lin, spare some mercy on me hehe These are the items she is giving away:
1. 8 different types of fancy pattern ribbons.

2. 6 pieces of paper that were cut and shaped using Martha Stewart's craft punch.

3. 10 pieces of doily paper.

4. 5 packs of multicolour shredded quilling paper.

5. One mini circle template.

6. One no slot quilling tool. (Similar to needle quilling tool)
Isn't that a total loot? I really wish I get it... hehehe.. The photo of the giveaway:
So, here is to Lin's giveaway.. pray I get it!!!

My first quills

Hi guys, I am back again... I was in Chennai, my hometown for a vacation, I am back now and can't wait to start off with quilling.. I have been dreaming all day and night about what to quill, how to quill.... really, i simply love the idea of the art. I made a couple of things when in India, there were a couple of functions and I just added a small quilled touch to the gifts. One of them was a gift shaped for the gift tag, the picture is here... I used the techinique from Honey's quilling tutorial , it turned out to be very cute.
Another was a flower which I tried, with limited tools, I managed to make these 2 flowers, I know each petal is of different size but it was my first attempt so I think I can be excused hehe...
Please do let me know how these are... I know the basic mistakes ;) Till I make my next quilled creation, it is bye from me.. chao!