Friday, August 9, 2013

My first ever completed project

Hehe, yeah, I procrastinate a lot and each and every thing I start doing ends up hanging somewhere in the middle, unfinished. Recently I got back to embroidering my pillow covers, I completed one but the second one is half complete... shame on me. This quilling project took me around 1 full day to complete and had a deadline and that is why perhaps I finished it. Ok, here is the picture of the finished product - mind it, I am still a beginner, I have added elements that I have learnt from many of the blogs found in google searches. There are mistakes, there is scope for improvement but if anyone passes by my blog, please do leave a comment that will encourage me to do more...

the first one is the card view, yes it is a birthday card and I just added a few of the birthday elements - candle, balloons and I really wanted to put in my flower somewhere because I really loved the way it turned out after so many attempts hehe. The second one is the inside of the card, just put some flower punched out of the flower puncher I bought recently.

so what do you think? please do leave your comments, thank you :)


  1. Do join in the candy on my blog


    1. thank you soo much for stopping by, will surely join in the celebration!!


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