Sunday, August 4, 2013

My first quills

Hi guys, I am back again... I was in Chennai, my hometown for a vacation, I am back now and can't wait to start off with quilling.. I have been dreaming all day and night about what to quill, how to quill.... really, i simply love the idea of the art. I made a couple of things when in India, there were a couple of functions and I just added a small quilled touch to the gifts. One of them was a gift shaped for the gift tag, the picture is here... I used the techinique from Honey's quilling tutorial , it turned out to be very cute.
Another was a flower which I tried, with limited tools, I managed to make these 2 flowers, I know each petal is of different size but it was my first attempt so I think I can be excused hehe...
Please do let me know how these are... I know the basic mistakes ;) Till I make my next quilled creation, it is bye from me.. chao!

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