Monday, August 19, 2013

My second completed project yay

Yes, being part of different groups on Facebook has its own advantages. The scrapbooking and card making group of Malaysia had organised an event called Card Swap. Now, me being a beginner in all this craft had absoltely no idea as to what this meant. Upon contacting the organiser Craftmate Art made me understand that this event was purely for the love of crafting - each participant would be allocated a swap partner with whom they had to exchange cards - to put in simple words. The theme was left open for the participants to decide - it could be a Happy Birthday or Goodbye or Get Well Soon, but it had to be done on an easel card. I have no idea at all as to what this card is but with the help of a tutorial by Split Coasters Stamping, I have been able to make a small one. br>My partner is a great crafter from Malaysia and I have to send her the card I made for her before 25 August. I have already made it but havent been able to post it due to bad weather here in KL. Hopefully I do it by tomorrow so that I do not miss the deadline and my partner receives my first easel card - I have made this with love and it does not have any fancy stuff just some quilling and some flower punches. I decided to say a big HI to my partner because this was also about making friends through craft.

Now that I have done my card and waiting to send it out, I am also eagerly waiting to receive one from my partner Jackie.

The second photo of the card with the browned flower petals is the final product. Hope you all like it, especially you Jackie.
Here is the envelope that I made as well...

so that was what I did over the last week, next post will be a rakhi card for my little bro who has flown to the West for further studies. I hope he will like it.

a small update - I have posted the card to my partner and waiting for mine hehe... hope it reaches her safely.

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