Sunday, August 4, 2013

Promoting Lin's giveaway for the month of August

When I saw the giveaway items that lin had put on her blog on Pinterest, I was overjoyed to see so many quilling supplies among many other things that Lin is giving away.. I had actually chanced upon her blog when looking for videos on youtube for tutorials last month, I must say she is a very talented girl, I really wish, someday I also can quill like her ;) Now for the real intention of this post, I really wish I can get the giveaway this month... oh please Lin, spare some mercy on me hehe These are the items she is giving away:
1. 8 different types of fancy pattern ribbons.

2. 6 pieces of paper that were cut and shaped using Martha Stewart's craft punch.

3. 10 pieces of doily paper.

4. 5 packs of multicolour shredded quilling paper.

5. One mini circle template.

6. One no slot quilling tool. (Similar to needle quilling tool)
Isn't that a total loot? I really wish I get it... hehehe.. The photo of the giveaway:
So, here is to Lin's giveaway.. pray I get it!!!

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