Friday, May 30, 2014

Second submission to the quilling contest

Another submission to the contest Pratyusha is hosting... This is a very simple design, guess the pictures will be self-explanatory.

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Pratvam Progs 1000 + likes on FB contest

Happy Crafting!

My first quilling jewelry

My first quilling earrings in time with Pratyusha's blog contest. Thought I would not be able to make it for this category but found out that she had extended the contest by a few days and just squeezing in hehe... The quilled jhumkas always used to keep me wondering, I do not own a mould but used some of the things lying around the house and was successful in making the near perfect dome of course with lot of help from my online friends who answered all my doubts without fail... Hope it is good enough for the contest. To describe the earring pair, it is a quilled jhumka with quilled roses as embellishments and a crystal in the inside of the dome

Here are the pics as per the rules - one with sketch and one without.

Forgive the bad quality of pics, hope it is clear enough.

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Pratvam Progs 1000+ likes on FB contest

Happy Crafting !

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's day card for a swap event

Hello folks, how have you been? I know I have been missing from blogland for a looong time. Family commitments, travelling and other work was keeping me busy and I sorely missed reading blogs of my friends. Posting a quick card I made for a local swap event here in Malaysia. The theme was colourful and I badly wanted to make one for mother;s day and thought I would club a couple of other things. Pratyusha of Pratvam Progs is holding a contest to celebrate 1000 likes on her FB page. Submitting this for Pratyusha's contest as well along with posting this to my swap partner.

Here are the photos: - a rough sketch and the final output. I usually dont make sketches, but since it was mandatory for this contest I had to make one....

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Pratvam Progs 1000 likes contest

Friday, March 21, 2014

Upcycling again..

Hello fellow bloggers, how have you all been... It has been quite sometime since I stepped into blogland. Just putting up a quick post on an upcycling project that has been in the making for a couple of months. I finally pushed myself to finish it in time for the challenges this month hehehe...

I do not have the before and after pics unfortunately but I will quickly word you through the process. I took a Bata shoe box, it was a narrow one and I knew I could use it to put my crafting stuff inside and I did not want to see the words Bata on it, very uninspiring. So first I gave the lid and base a coat of white primer - I gave a little texture to the lid using the tissue distressing technique and it came out quite well. I painted both the lid and bottom with 3 colours - red, blue and dark green - I did not mix them, just painted one layer on top of the other and I was happy with the results because I could see a peep of green or red or blue at some place on the box, the fact that it was not uniform appealed even more. The downside was it took too long to dry - the glue and the paints and I do not own a heat tool so the whole drying process took around 2 weeks, I dont know the paint was a bit sticky. But now it is perfectly fine. To add some more effect to the box, I did some stenciling with the scallop stencil I made. I did not cover the entire box, just the longer sides were stenciled. Now for the decoration part, I did not want to move all the attention from the textured lid by over doing the decoration, so as usual I kept it to a minimum. Just used some crocheted lace I found at the store, some paper flowers, pearls, and a ribbon. And yes that diecut butterfly as instructed by my daughter. Here are the pictures.

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Lulupu 2nd Birthday Celebration - I have used the letters: L - Lace/C - crocheted lace; U - Upcycling; T - Textured lid; P - Pearls, pink flowers, paints;

Friday, February 21, 2014

Quilled Logo

For quite a long time, I had been wanting to quill this logo for my cousin's company, she runs a small scale health drink company, it is still in its nascent stages and trying to make inroads in the health food industry in India. I wanted to give a small boost to her spirits with the logo quilling but somehow was unable to do it for the past few months. I finally found some time this week and I finally made it. (I have not designed the logo, it is purely her imagination and work, I just quilled it.) The brand is called STROMBSS - sort of acronym for Strong Minds and Bodies and made out of sprouts - millet, green moong, soya, bajra, jowar and what not, available in vanilla and chocolate flavours - she is based out of Mumbai. For all those readers in Mumbai/Bangalore, you can find the ready to mix health drink at Godrej Nature Basket Stores. It is a wholesome food for people on the go and also provides good energy for crafters/artists like us who may forget to have food when they are engrossed with some work hehehe...

Here are some pictures... it was a very simple quilling method i followed, some beehive quilling, some graphic.. that's it and it was done in about 3 hours including the drying time.

You might notice I have changed the watermark to read Let's Paper It, yeah that's my FB page title and you can go to the page with the help of the link on the left sidebar.

Thanks for viewing..

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cake and more

When I saw the BGC challenge for this month, I knew I had to make a card with some cake on it... and this month happens to be my mom's 60th birthday and in India, in our community, we refer to it as 60th wedding and the wedding is conducted by the children who weren't around at the time of their parents' wedding, fun isn't it? It is a sad thing that neither me nor my brother are near mom to celebrate this milestone with mom, so we decided to give her a surprise, I would make her a quilled card... I wanted to couple this card with a couple of challenges here in blog world. My mom has never cut a cake in her lifetime so wanted to have a pop up cake inside the card, the outside would have the number 60 to indicate the milestone. I came across Suganthi's blogpost on this topic and I took inspiration for the quilling from her post here. I wanted lots of colours and flowers on the front, since my mother is a very creative person, loves colour and just wanted to incorporate that. I followed Dr Sonia's tutorial for the pop up cake, it is a very simple pop up cake and I enjoyed decorating it with my favourite folded roses!!! You might wonder why I made a wedding type cake for a birthday card - as I said, this milestone is referred to as 60th wedding in my place, I thought it would be nice to have a wedding type cake...It felt really go to get back to quillography and I was able to do this quite quicker than I expected. Here are some pictures...

For the BGC Challenge we had to use the following palette,
I think I have used most of them hehe...

Hope you like my creation :)

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Itsy Bitsy Say it with roses challenge - Folded roses

Floral Fantasies - Blogaversary Candy celebration - Quilling is one technique I love and always try to get back to and love quilling the roses!

Lulupu Challenge 26 - Try Something New!Have tried the pop up cake for the first time, the sentiment stamp is new, the folded roses too :)
Thanks for looking...

Love is in the air.... its all pink and red all over town..

Hello folks... hope you had a good V-day week and still enjoying the weekend... Here is a quick post for the valentine theme inspired by quite a few challenges in blogland. This is a very simple 3D fold card, like always, nothing over the top from me ;).. I am an absolutely unromantic kind of girl, no flowers or chocolates from me hehe... and my husband finds that very difficult to digest. You can see shades of this character of mine in this card too - not much of frilly or over the top stuff and less flowers ;)

So here goes, I followed the Splitcoaststampers tutorial for the Double dutch fold card and instead of an image in the front, I thought I will try out the Iris folding technique and made a heart with red, light red and pinkish card stocks. For the background, I used the pattern paper I won in a blog candy from Gro's blog, from the pack of 7Dots Studio. One of the challenges had the condition that we use red, pink and white colours in the 3D card while another had the condition of using a pattern paper. I recently started quilling folded roses and it has stuck! I want to keep making roses all day... simply love the technique and the end result is absolutely gorgeous... So I added some roses on the iris folded heart, the sentiment had to centre around love so I just added the tags I had in another paper stack which says.. Just because and another said I love you... I thought both go well together and placed one in the front and the other inside. Some more quilled roses, felt hearts and hearts with red glitter pen here and there.. the card is done..

Some photos...

Hope you all like it..

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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hello there folks, I am back with yet another post for this month and would like to link it up to a couple of challenges before time is up ;)

I have been contemplating upcycling some item at home and my eyes fell on a couple of wine bottles lying around for quite a bit of time. Here is what I did, of course with a lot of inspiration from the internet, pinterest to be precise. For the first bottle, I used the hemp/jute yarn that we can commonly find at home. Added a few handmade felt flowers and voila, there you have a very elegant looking upcycled wine bottle. For the second bottle, although I am not very satisfied with the result. thanks to my shaking hand... I just painted the bottle with blue paint and tried some patterns with white and topped it with silver glitter. It looks ok from far but I am not so happy as the first one... anyway it has been upcycled as well.. just have to find a corner for it heheh

There was one more bottle I found and with some black acrylic colour and used glitter over a scallop shape stencil that I made myself. The bottle lid was a silver colour so I used the silver glitter...Here are some photos...

So let me know what you think..

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Color Conceptions challenge - 3Bs challenge - altering an existing item

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mixed media - journaling and some use of scraps

Hello there folks... My husband travels a lot these days and I have a daughter whom I should keep occupied more especially in his absence.. so we craft a lot and nowadays play with paint... I had come across a technique called Bargello technique wherein you could use some scraps of PP or cardstock to make a background for your card. I had made one such tiled background long back and wanted to use it on a card but nothing clicked. So during one of these trips, when my husband was away, S (my LO) and I started playing around with that background. We ended up with this...

It may not look as impressive in the photo but my daughter loved making it and had a lot of fun.. me too.. especially because she could get her hands dirty with the paint! If you can see clearly, I stuck the tiled scraps onto a white cardstock, used some more scraps here and there, played around with paint, some stamps, glitter, oil pastels and also some home made texture paste. I tried to make a Chevron stencil at home, was partially successful and used that stencil on this to create the chevron texture using the paste. More dirty hands hehehe....

Now you can see some splotches here and there, it was my daughter's finger prints hehe, the cat is there because she loves "miaw" and the words are from a piece of pattern paper I won in a blog candy last year. So hope you can see the use of bargello technique, the use of scraps and also my daughter's work (lol) just kidding...

We both had fun making it, somehow it is not looking so good in the pictures...

Linking this to:

Lulupu Challenge 24 - Scrap your scraps

LEJ Designs Challenge 85 - Anything Goes

Open-minded Crafting Fun Challenges - Challenge 2 - Warmth (Food or Clothing) Have used the Bargello technique as in quilting here

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My first try at art journaling

When I started looking for tutorials on how to use gesso/textured paste for mixed media layouts, I landed upon videos related to art journaling...Although I was initially not interested in this art form, I watched a couple of videos and fell in love with the whole process. How the blank page can be transformed into an astounding canvas of colours and textures, is simply enthralling to me. I followed the method as illustrated by Riti Poddar in one of her video tutorials. WHat I have made is a very basic art journal page that I made in about an hour, I just took my diary, the humble planner diary and coloured a page with whatever paint I have on hand ( fabric colours) - art journals make use of acrylic paints. Then added some texture in the form of torn bits of PP, let it dry and then tried to use the chevron stencil I made myself using a stencil pattern I found online. I actually wanted to use texture paste but did not, maybe next time... Used white fabric paint on one side and Memento Tuxedo Black ink on another end on the stencil. Stamped randomly here and there, flowers, sentiment.. Cut out an image of a little girl and used that as a stencil too (Riti Poddar's idea.. she rocks). Outline the stencil with my black oil pastel crayon and smudged it to give a stained effect...smudging again here and there... and I stopped myself here. WIll be back with more art journal pages in the future... this is a very interesting and stress busting technique... it need not look neat and you dont need to fret and fume if there is a smudge anywhere.. in fact it only adds to the whole "painting"... so dream on!

Some pictures...

Let me know what you think....

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some new stuff

Ah, finally I found some time to edit the photos of my latest project... no quilling in this sorry :(.. yeah somehow I want to incorporate quilling in whatever I do... This is a box purse I made, well, keeping my daughter in mind but after it was done, I have no mind to give it to her... it looks cute and I am worried she will throw it away somewhere! yeah you never know what she will do hehehe... I wanted to do something similar to the inspiration that Tanvi, designer on the Color Conceptions team (the purse like box ) but since I do not yet own a scoreboard, I was not confident that I could pull it off. So I decided to make this box purse, I found a tutorial here, hope you can access it as well. I decided to use my pattern paper that have been lying around for quite sometime and also make use of the doilies and pearl stickers that I had hoarded recently (love shopping for crafty stuff, but always run out of money :( ). Here are some photos...

I love clicking the photos and editing, because the doily and the pearls and the pattern paper gave it such a cute feel... Instead of the paper handle as mentioned in the tutorial, I used a ribbon that was lying in my stash so I could add a bit more pink to the project. I used velcro as shown in the tute. For the tag, used up an old price tag that I had saved up for quite a bit of time, pasted the same pattern paper, distressed the edges with my metal ruler, added the same elements as the box purse. The blue satin flower was bought but the other paper flower, I received as a part of my blog candy prize. Just attached a sentiment, did not want to but I did...

Hope it looks good, how do you guys like it.. do let me know..

Entering this to:

Kraftzone Challenge 1 - Bag with tag

Color Conceptions Challenge - 3D bags/boxes

Crafty Hands Challenge No 6 - Put a tag on it

Inspired by Stamping - January Blog Hop

613 Avenue Create - Challenge 56 -Anything goes w/optional twist - gift set

Thank you!

Bag with a tag

Hello folks, I am back with some crafty stuff today... recently I had shopped for some thick paper for making paper bags, tags etc and got the occasion to put it to good use. My neighbour's son here in KL was celebrating his birthday and his mother, my good friend loves handmade stuff and I thought this would be a good chance for me to give her some handmade stuff as well as make something hehe... So I bought his gift and decided to put it in a handmade bag and since at the same time, Kraftzone had announced this challenge, I decided to add the tag as well. Here are the photos...

Not sure how to rotate the photos here... Blogger is troubling me with my images, always seems to rotate images which are straight! I took an A3 size white cardstock, folded it to make the bag, stuck some pattern paper on both sides, added some quilled flowers and also made the handle. I wanted to break from the orange, white colours so I added the purple handle and flower. I think it goes ok with the background.. what do you think? I made the tag using an old price tag, used the tissue paper distressing technique I had seen a few months back on some blog, added some colours and pasted the pattern paper scrap, punched a hole and that's it. Not very happy the way it has turned out... (I did not keep the tag for the birthday gift.)

Hope it looks ok, entering it to the following challenges:

Kraftzone Challenge 1 - Bag with tag

Color Conceptions Challenge - 3D bags/boxes

Crafty Hands Challenge N6 - Put a tag on it

Happy crafting...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Behind the scenes....

Hello there my dear blogger friends and those people who pop by my blog once in a while... thanks for being there, leaving your comments and encouraging me so far... I am glad I have made myself write this post, it has been too hectic last 2-3 months, too much travel, vacation in India, guests here uff... I've had it... just got a short break so that I can post what I have been doing behind the scenes - yes I could not blog about it, never mind... here are some pictures..

My niece in India was doing some graphic designing and was really fascinated to see the little bit of quilling work I was doing and when she landed a project (almost), she wanted to incorporate some quilling in that project so she asked me... I had to give some samples of quilling work - something like a painting, A3 size... now this was too big for me.. I settled for something like a 12 x 12 frame... this was what I ended up doing, the original photo was actually on pinterest - something related to machine embroidery, this is my interpretation of it.

The other thing I had started off was quillography of numbers.. this is just the skeleton, half of the work was done but did not have time for a photo, will post the completed pic when I finish it (God knows when!!)

Next is a baby shower card for my good friend here in KL, she was leaving for India for her delivery and I just had enough time to make this one. This card is inspired by the work of a very good quiller Shanida whose FB page is called Shani's Creations, I hope she would not mind me copying her work... this was only for my friend and no monetary benefit was derived out of it and I am giving Shanida full credit for her quilling...

The next one is a birthday card for my neighbour's daughter, she is my daughter;s first friend and hence best friend... This little girl loves quilling and has the art as part of her curriculum here in KL.. so I decided to do some quilled flowers for her on the card. I dont know what technique it is called but the background was made with sponging of paint followed by some random stamping, yeah I finally got my stamps and inks... love to stamp now... I just wanted to show her the different types of flowers that could be quilled and limited my number to 4 - malaysian flower, the marquise flower, a grape roll and a tight coiled flower - dont know what it is called.

And finally I managed to use the stamp I had bought from Tejal of Creative Expressions, and I had bought the Faber Castell bicolor pencils as well as their water colour pencils, itching to try out both the pencils, I stamped 2 images and this is the result.. I stuck to the same colour scheme as in the image. I liked the water colour pencils because using the brush just evens out the lines, yes you could do that to bicolour pencils by making use of that magic white pencil which I unfortunately could not get.. nevertheless I like them both...

So this is what I have been doing, with the beginning of the new year, we have some great challenges in some of the challenge blogs I am following and hope to play along...Do let me know your thoughts on my projects so far.. Thank you and a very happy and crafty new year to all of you!!!