Thursday, January 9, 2014

Behind the scenes....

Hello there my dear blogger friends and those people who pop by my blog once in a while... thanks for being there, leaving your comments and encouraging me so far... I am glad I have made myself write this post, it has been too hectic last 2-3 months, too much travel, vacation in India, guests here uff... I've had it... just got a short break so that I can post what I have been doing behind the scenes - yes I could not blog about it, never mind... here are some pictures..

My niece in India was doing some graphic designing and was really fascinated to see the little bit of quilling work I was doing and when she landed a project (almost), she wanted to incorporate some quilling in that project so she asked me... I had to give some samples of quilling work - something like a painting, A3 size... now this was too big for me.. I settled for something like a 12 x 12 frame... this was what I ended up doing, the original photo was actually on pinterest - something related to machine embroidery, this is my interpretation of it.

The other thing I had started off was quillography of numbers.. this is just the skeleton, half of the work was done but did not have time for a photo, will post the completed pic when I finish it (God knows when!!)

Next is a baby shower card for my good friend here in KL, she was leaving for India for her delivery and I just had enough time to make this one. This card is inspired by the work of a very good quiller Shanida whose FB page is called Shani's Creations, I hope she would not mind me copying her work... this was only for my friend and no monetary benefit was derived out of it and I am giving Shanida full credit for her quilling...

The next one is a birthday card for my neighbour's daughter, she is my daughter;s first friend and hence best friend... This little girl loves quilling and has the art as part of her curriculum here in KL.. so I decided to do some quilled flowers for her on the card. I dont know what technique it is called but the background was made with sponging of paint followed by some random stamping, yeah I finally got my stamps and inks... love to stamp now... I just wanted to show her the different types of flowers that could be quilled and limited my number to 4 - malaysian flower, the marquise flower, a grape roll and a tight coiled flower - dont know what it is called.

And finally I managed to use the stamp I had bought from Tejal of Creative Expressions, and I had bought the Faber Castell bicolor pencils as well as their water colour pencils, itching to try out both the pencils, I stamped 2 images and this is the result.. I stuck to the same colour scheme as in the image. I liked the water colour pencils because using the brush just evens out the lines, yes you could do that to bicolour pencils by making use of that magic white pencil which I unfortunately could not get.. nevertheless I like them both...

So this is what I have been doing, with the beginning of the new year, we have some great challenges in some of the challenge blogs I am following and hope to play along...Do let me know your thoughts on my projects so far.. Thank you and a very happy and crafty new year to all of you!!!


  1. Hi Hridya! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you did, so that I now found you! I just love your quilling designs! I did a little quilling a few years back and haven't tried it again for a while. Your work is such an inspiration! You clearly are an artist at heart! xo xo

  2. Hello Miss Behind the scenes :P So you were making these terrific projects?? The first one is truly amazing. I can imagine the time it must have taken to make it. I loved that baby card so so much. Its beautiful.

  3. Behind d scene!!...i can see some amazing stuff at your end...waiting eagerly for the numbers to get thr final shape :)
    And welcm to the blogging world :)

  4. Hridya you've been creating a lot lately, though u were busy. It's a good thing to keep creativity alive :) love ur quilling stuff a lot

  5. wow! loved the 1st one!



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