Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hello there folks, I am back with yet another post for this month and would like to link it up to a couple of challenges before time is up ;)

I have been contemplating upcycling some item at home and my eyes fell on a couple of wine bottles lying around for quite a bit of time. Here is what I did, of course with a lot of inspiration from the internet, pinterest to be precise. For the first bottle, I used the hemp/jute yarn that we can commonly find at home. Added a few handmade felt flowers and voila, there you have a very elegant looking upcycled wine bottle. For the second bottle, although I am not very satisfied with the result. thanks to my shaking hand... I just painted the bottle with blue paint and tried some patterns with white and topped it with silver glitter. It looks ok from far but I am not so happy as the first one... anyway it has been upcycled as well.. just have to find a corner for it heheh

There was one more bottle I found and with some black acrylic colour and used glitter over a scallop shape stencil that I made myself. The bottle lid was a silver colour so I used the silver glitter...Here are some photos...

So let me know what you think..

Linking this to:

Color Conceptions challenge - 3Bs challenge - altering an existing item


  1. WOW!!! Amazing upcycling Hridya! I love the yarn one, definitely going to try it....the blue and the black ones look pretty too. :)

  2. Wow!! superb recycling Hridya .. love the 3 bottles and my fav was 1st one .. felt flowers are cute ... :)

  3. thanks for sharing these ideas , love the jute one.Thanks for joining us at CCC, good luck.

  4. The blue bottle is Especially striking and beautiful !!
    Dr Sonia


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