Friday, May 30, 2014

My first quilling jewelry

My first quilling earrings in time with Pratyusha's blog contest. Thought I would not be able to make it for this category but found out that she had extended the contest by a few days and just squeezing in hehe... The quilled jhumkas always used to keep me wondering, I do not own a mould but used some of the things lying around the house and was successful in making the near perfect dome of course with lot of help from my online friends who answered all my doubts without fail... Hope it is good enough for the contest. To describe the earring pair, it is a quilled jhumka with quilled roses as embellishments and a crystal in the inside of the dome

Here are the pics as per the rules - one with sketch and one without.

Forgive the bad quality of pics, hope it is clear enough.

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Happy Crafting !

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