Monday, February 23, 2015

A nameplaque of sorts - made on order

I had been asked by this lady to make one plaque like this one but wanted a few more attributes to show the person whose name was going to be on it. So, the basic idea was to celebrate his 50th bday in style... The words Rajen 50th had to be quilled. ok done... Next, he is a policeman here in Malaysia called as Polis Diraja Malaysia meaning Royal Malaysian Police so I had to show that as well, how do i - the gentleman's wife who placed the order told me to quill out this logo - Yes yes.. that logo... I went nuts... and to add to that he plays football! So she wanted the logo, his name and bday and the football.... A few hearts to show her and their daughter's love and also inscribe the date of his 50th birthday - 25/02/2015.. whoa... I played with this idea for almost a month, got nightmares with the logo and finally gathered up courage to start working on it... After about 2 weeks, I managed to finish it.. Here are the pics! Hope I have done justice to the lady's order...

Before I forget, I have to definitely mention this awesome quiller I came across when I was looking for ideas for quilling the corners. I took her permission to use the designs for the corners and the design just above the date. Check out her work here: Thank you so much Ayse for helping me finish this off. So that's it friends, happy crafting...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some of my jewellery collections

Sharing my paper jewelry collections here:

Back from hibernation from Blogger

Yeah yeah i know, i am totally off the blogging scene now... Had been working on my quilling venture Sahana's - named after my daughter. Have been lucky to get a few orders be it typography or jewellery.. all using my current favourite medium, paper. Here are some pictures of typographic work I did last year.. some were done for friends in India during my annual vacation